StackBrain - FAQ

Frequently asked Questions about StackBrain product offering, and our data set.

Which type of technologies are detected by StackBrain?

StackBrain captures technologies across many categories. Listing ten of them here.

  1. Analytics
  2. Content Management Systems (CMS’s)
  3. Advertising and Tracking
  4. Shopify Apps
  5. Wordpress Plugins
  6. Chat services
  7. Marketing Automation
  8. Wix Apps
  9. Email Providers
  10. Hosting Providers

The technology I want to see isn’t here. What now?

In all likelihood, our systems have identified the tech and are waiting for a human to review it before going live. The review queue is pretty long, and we are quite behind in our review effort. Prioritising a particular tech is much simpler. Let us know.

What kind of Technology variants can be identified?

Technology variants can be thought of a subset of the technology being captured. Few examples of technology variants are:

  • Javascript library version
  • APIs of an Analytics software
  • Self hosted vs using a provider for open source software
  • Features of a help desk website provider (to identify the customer plan)

Owing to the sheer volume of variants, we do not identify them upfront. Do write to us with your variant requirements.

How do you figure out that a website has discontinued a technology?

We mark a technology has discontinued if its disappearance is observed for more than 30 days. 30 days gives us sufficient time to accommodate websites which are trialing technologies and may not have them on at all times or are doing temporary changes wherein certain technologies are disabled.

How frequently does StackBrain refresh a website?

Our current crawl capacity is 100 million websites/day, but that doesn’t mean we crawl every site at the same frequency. Sites carry a priority which determine their frequency, which varies from once a week to once every 30 days.

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