StackBrain: Vast Coverage of Technologies and Website Attributes

StackBrain’s goal is to build the largest data set of websites and technologies used by them. Along with the technologies, StackBrain also extracts various attributes to give context to the tech usage.

What is a Technology?

Anything that goes into building a website is technology. Javascript libraries, Analytics services, CRMs, CMS’s, Hosting services, Recruitment services, WordPress plugins, Shopify Apps, Wix Apps are some of the services that are discovered and tracked by StackBrain.

You can view the technology stack used by few well known websites.

Technologies used by The New York Times

Technologies used by Stripe

StackBrain Coverage

StackBrain crawls about 4B+ domains and has labelled 30k+ technologies. The backend technology continually surfaces new and interesting technologies and updates definitions of existing technologies.

Website Attributes

Along with the technology, StackBrain extracts and infers 50+ website attributes to give context to tech usage. Prominent in this list are:

  • Company name - Name of the company that owns the website
  • Location - Country, city of operation
  • Emails, Telephones, Social Media
  • Tech spend: Approximate spend on technologies
  • Historical tech usage

Domain Aggregation

Information gathered per website is aggregated at the domain level. A domain is used a loose proxy for a Company.

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