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Our approach to data

What you see on the StackBrain platform has been derived and refined by our technology. We strive to give you a unique and valuable dataset not to be found elsewhere.

StackBrain does not purchase and resell data. None of the data you see on this site is purchased from third parties and resold. We crawl the complete web to identify technologies and other attributes.

The complete dataset is refreshed at least once a month. High churn technologies like eCommerce platforms are refreshed weekly. This gives us an unprecedented realtime view into changes in market share and technology adoption.

The StackBrain engine can identify the multiple different formats in which a technology is used. Our approach gives us an accurate picture of a technology's adoption. In fact, for technologies which are predominantly web facing, these numbers are close to the real market share.

Technologies and attributes identified across all properties of an organisation are unified. For instance, if an organisation ( has a Shopify store (, a hiring page hosted on Greenhouse (, uses AWS Route 53 for DNS and is located Los Angeles, California; we present all of that in one unified picture for

Along with technologies, our platform captures multiple attributes about each organisation. Contact information, location, physical addresses, social media handles, business attributes (hiring?, pricing?), number of products (for ecommerce) and many more. Feel free to write to us if you have a specific requirement.

With the power of the StackBrain's intelligence platform, I am confident of providing unique insights to add value your company's sales and marketing efforts.

CEO, StackBrain

Why use StackBrain?

StackBrain's exhaustive and growing data set tracks performance of technologies and services across the globe. Use it to find quality leads and track market performance.

Lead Generation
Boost your prospecting. Create granular segments with a combination of multiple filters to help define the perfect audience.
CRM enrichment
Already using a CRM? Augment it with technologies and attributes with our integrations (coming soon), or build one on top of our APIs.
Market Research
Use our historical information to find trending technologies, shopify apps, ecommerce stores and organisations.
Investment Research
Deep dive into a single technology to uncover growth rates, stickiness or do a cohort analysis coming soon
Advanced Search
Want to get a report of orgs who have signed up any premium HR tech in the last month, in Europe, and part of your existing leads? Sure.
Ecommerce coverage
Are you operating only in the ecommerce? Use our Ecommerce specific search to discover stores with ecommerce specific filters.
80m+ organisations
We scan 8 billion domains to track changes in technology usage and unearth new ones. Our dataset is refreshed at least once a month.
15k+ techs
With our growing list of 15k+ techs, we cover verticals ranging from CRM's, HR Tech, Shopify Apps, Marketing automation, school software etc.

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